Public Civility - The Case for Face-to-Face Engagement Skills


November 26, 2014 Webinar Feedback:

"I really enjoyed this webinar and got some great tips too!"

"Excellent webinar. Soft skills are very neglected nowadays and they shouldn't be so this was a good refresher."

"Very good seminar and very engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Well done!!"

"Excellent information, well delivered. Thanks."

"Very concise, well organized and practical advice. Well worth the hour. Thanks!"

"Enjoyed this one just like all previous presentations. Thank you (with a handshake and a smile :))"

"Good tips about eye contact, introductions, hand shaking, etc. My wife is a natural schmoozer but I struggle a bit."

"Great refresher to reinforce and make a impact with face to face interactions with people."

"Excellent Topic - Case for F2F. The skills, hints, tips, etc. presented seem to be long forgotten by folks today. "

"It was very informative and really made you think about things which normally are taken for granted such as which hand you are shaking"

"Deborah covered frequent ground we all need to continue to work on. Thanks for great information input."

"Very good webinar. It's always a pleasure to hear someone teach something about which they are so passionate and informed."

"Very nice social skills webinar! Especially the how to introduce someone part, and I had no clue as to rules or guidelines."

"Awesome today - very relevant and normally topics that don't come up but so very important."

"As always, it's info I can use. And she's right - practice, practice, practice."

"This was an excellent webinar. i'm thinking of sharing the vimeo link with my college-aged granddaughter. excellent information!! Thank you!"

"Fantastic webinar! As always, these webinars provide very valid and valuable perspectives that are often extremely lacking in our everyday work environment. Thank you!"

Top 10 Dilemmas of Etiquette and Protocol
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