The Top Five Reasons For Etiquette and Protocol Training

1) Distinguish yourself from the competition. Are you...

  • Advancing your career?
  • Searching for a new job?
  • Establishing business contacts?
  • Interviewing with prospective employers?
  • Attending job fairs?
  • Looking for summer work?
  • Improving Professional Skills?

The services and products available in today's competitive business arenas are so comparable that buyers look for cutting-edge differences - courtesy, image, trust and perceptions of reliability. Etiquette and protocol intelligence are tools that give you that edge to cultivate long-lasting relationships with academic, business and social contacts.

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2) Develop and maintain business relationships.
Etiquette and protocol intelligence will empower you to develop and maintain business. You will generate the appointments needed to sell your services and keep your clients coming back. Today's winners look for dynamic ways to successfully promote themselves to others.

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3) Project a positive image.
Today's winners look for dynamic ways to successfully promote themselves to others. Etiquette and protocol intelligence will help you project a positive image - to your customers and to your market. By using these tools, you will learn to clarify what is important and what is not and, how to cultivate a respected image in academic, business and social situations.

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4) Project confidence and authority.
Look confident and communicate with ease and authority! Don't get caught on details that hinder you from making a polished presentation - and a positive impression. Etiquette and protocol intelligence will give you the skills to thrive in any academic, business or social situation. You need a competitive edge!

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5) Build teamwork.
Are you participating in...

  • Training sessions?
  • Internal meetings?
  • External client meetings?
  • Sales training?
  • Executive training?
  • Retreats?
  • Community functions?
  • Fund-raising groups?

Etiquette and protocol intelligence will help guide you through all types of personal and professional scenarios. You will learn how to define appropriate and inappropriate behaviours between superiors and subordinates, co-workers, professional or academic associates, social contacts and friends. This intelligence empowers you to create a productive environment that promotes problem solving and collaboration - to build teamwork.

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Top 10 Dilemmas of Etiquette and Protocol
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