"Millar, McGrath and Associates etiquette and protocol training by Deborah McGrath has truly transformed my life. I am a much more confident individual and now feel significantly calm and relaxed going into unfamiliar settings. This program was beneficial to me because I got to learn more about myself and along the way learn very valuable life lessons."

Ruth Zamanuel, Student

“I was taken to Deborah's because my shyness was preventing me from making friends.
After approximately eight weeks, I was brave enough to try out for cheerleading and easily start conversations with some girls at school, and I no longer referred to myself as shy but, just a quiet kind of girl. I found my voice with the help of my friend Deborah McGrath.” 

Stevie Lee Dayment, Innisfil, Ontario

“For my staff and me communication as Chartered Accountants to our clients is #1 in building success and maintaining effective client relationships. A distinct second is our five years of study, university education, The Uniform Final Examination, School of Accountancy, professional development and on the job training. Deborah’s’ three hour presentation on how to ‘Outclass the Competition’ empowers my staff to succeed in business, with the not-too-small things to be overlooked like boardroom posture, dress, eye contact and handshakes - essential to meet the ongoing objectives of my firm.” Thank you, Deborah.

Rob Wormald, CA

“I just want to let you know how impressed I was with your recent presentation…

You certainly lived up to our promise on the publicity flyer to teach participants to Outclass the Competition!  And your presentation excelled beyond the level of pure informational content.

 I’m always pleased when a presenter shows the appreciation of interaction that you displayed throughout the presentation.   Not only did you demonstrate the correct way to shake hands – which, by the way, I am still applying – but you got participants involved with each other, practicing skills as you shared them.  I also noted that you “checked in” with your audience regularly to ensure that everyone was up to speed with you.

Your topic could easily have become a pedantic lecture about how not to do things but you kept a positive tone throughout and accented your presentation with spontaneous humour that kept listeners’ attention and provided delightful pauses between the facts.

Thank you for taking the time to present to our clients.  I know they appreciated your interest and your ability to share your knowledge.  Your commitment was deeply appreciated.”

Thomas Moss, Communications Advisor, Richmond Hill Business Centre

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation to our Sales Team... After hearing your presentation at the Rotary Club of North York, I knew that you would make just the kind of impression that would not only take our sales team to the next level, but also bring a competitive advantage to our company.  

Your effective presentation was thorough in content and delivery and your ‘live what you preach’ style held everyone’s attention throughout. Your suggestion to get together to discuss the details of what it was our team would appreciate hearing about was very worthwhile. Each of the skills you presented, from the way to shake hands, to how to add confidence and authority to our introductions, was clearly appropriate for maximizing that very critical first impression.

Our team really appreciated the personal interaction, not only with you but also among themselves. This made it both interesting and fun. I have heard from at least half of my sales staff that they have already integrated your ideas into their daily interaction with their clients and prospects. That to me tells me our time together was a success.

I would not hesitate to recommend you…”

Randall Linton, Manager, Interior Care

“On behalf of the CSTD York Region Chapter, I would like to extend our thanks for your informative and entertaining presentation on Presence Power Points at our Chapter event in September.

As demonstrated by the results of the member evaluations, this is a topic that generated much interest with business professionals today. Participants attending this session found your presentation to be both inspiring and informative, too. The knowledge gained through this session will be valuable to both our personal and professional growth…

…I recommend that anyone concerned with how to present himself or herself professionally in the business world attend one of your sessions.”

Janet Morrison, President, CSTD York Region Chapter

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