Savvy Advice for Seasonal Socials©

A “Season” may be defined in many different ways – an academic year, a business (fiscal or planning) year or, a social season dedicated to art, music or philanthropy.

No matter how it is defined, we live our lives in “seasons”.

This year, do you want to learn the secret to successfully navigating your way through any social, academic, or business season with confidence and style?

 Polish your social engagement skills with Savvy Advice for Seasonal Socials©

Learn to:

  • Conquer Cocktail Chatter
  • Maximize your Mingling Skills
  • Be a Savvy Host
  • Be the Perfect Guest
  • Deliver a Memorable Toast

Experience highly visible results immediately and leave with very portable skills

Participants play an experiential game designed to provide them the opportunity to practice new, or enhance, existing skills, while learning the secrets of the “F&B” balancing act!

Top 10 Dilemmas of Etiquette and Protocol
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