How to Succeed in the International Arena©

This seminar is for anyone whose job requires communicating, negotiating and socializing in the global marketplace. You don’t have to be a cosmopolite nor do you need years of experience working for a multi-national company; but you do need to have a keen awareness and continually feed your mind with global-oriented information.

How to Succeed in the International Arena© will reinforce the considerable talents you already possess and provide valuable soft skills to help you compete in a global economy – an economy that demands mental flexibility and awareness.

In this workshop you will learn three strategies:

  1. Broaden Your Global Awareness – 10 steps to success
  2. Master the First Meeting – 14 critical lessons
  3. Project Cultural Awareness – 7 key areas

In this workshop each participant will learn they can use protocol and personal diplomacy to tip the scales in your favour no matter where you conduct business.

Top 10 Dilemmas of Etiquette and Protocol
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