Explanation of the Millar McGrath and Associates Logo

The Millar, McGrath logo was developed from both the official Millar and McGrath coat of arms. Respecting the heritage of both families while maintaining the integrity of each coat of arms, Millar McGrath and Associates used the full design from the Millar and chose one of the four devices of the McGrath coat of arms to best represent it's company values and mission statement.

The left side of the Millar McGrath coat of arms displays the full Millar crest as detailed below.

The right side of the Millar McGrath coat of arms displays one of the four "devices" - the hand holding the Maltese cross, as it represents the families' dedication to healing and history. As bards, historians, chroniclers and termoners, the McGrath's were responsible for both the education of and caring for others.

This directly aligns with the basic tenets of business etiquette and protocol, which Millar McGrath and Associates both practice and teach in every academic, business and social arena

Here is more information regarding the History of Heraldry

According to heraldic expert Michel Pastoureau, author of Heraldry- An Introduction to a Noble Tradition, "heraldry remains a misunderstood science: it is wrongly regarded as esoteric and has sometimes been given a poor reception by the general public…In fact, every individual, every family, every group and community has been free to adopt the arms of their choice and to put them to any private use they please, provided, they have not wrongfully assumed the arms of another…in very early times, arms were used more frequently by some social classes and groups than others (including) merchants.

They were rather like the modern day business card: anyone can have one but not everybody does."

Millar Family Coat of Arms




ARMS: Argent (silver), a cross Moline Gules (red.)

Origin: Scottish
Coat of Arms: Silver with a red cross.
Crest: A right hand with first and second fingers pointing upward.
Motto: Manent optima coelo (The best things await us in heaven)
Surname History:
Spelling variations include: Miller, Millar, Myllar, Mylar, Millare, Myllair, Mellir

McGrath Family Coat of Arms


We know that the MCGRATH AND O'HICKEY families were appointed to a special kind of work. The McGrath's were said to be from the descendants of Brian Boru's brother Ahearne, and were appointed to be bards and historians. The O'Hickeys were their close allies and neighbours, with whom they often intermarried, and they were appointed to be physicians.

This we know from many sources and from the many appearances in the Irish Chronicles listing the McGrath's as bards, historians, poets, chroniclers, antiquarians, singers, storytellers, and termoners. Termoners were appointed to be in charge of church lands, as laity, to organize and administer the properties so that the clergy would not have to be entrusted with these things. Many McGrath's also became clergymen. From their work as termoners, who were to give hospitality to pilgrims, they naturally came to be involved in keeping hostels and public houses.

The ancient Gaelic people all had family totems, signs, and emblems, which they painted on their shields. This was the origin of Family Crests and Heraldic designs. They were not invented nor imported by the Normans or Anglo Saxons, as many erroneously think.

The McGrath crest shows five important things:

  1. The 3 lions of the O'Brien's, showing (they) are descendants of the O'Brien's.
  2. The Maltese Cross, showing that (they) were dedicated to healing, history and church.
  3. The Battle Axes, showing that (they) were often involved in battles, unfortunately.
  4. The Antelope, a Mediterranean animal, showing that (they) came across that Sea to Erin.
  5. The family motto: SALUS IN FIDE, --- (they) were dedicated to Salvation by faith.
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