I am thrilled to announce I am a co-author in an innovative new book entitled, The Power of Civility. This is an incredible resource to support you in finding out what civility really means, as well as incorporating civility best practices into your work and life.

To celebrate the release of this new book, myself and the other co-authors are hosting a free Power of Civility Virtual Book Launch Tele-Summit.

This free six-week tele-summit will serve as an incredible opportunity for you to take yourself on an amazing journey of self-discovery, where you can gain great insight and be challenged to think about your personal standards, accountability and values.

Real Tools and Guidelines to Boost Your Confidence and Poise!

Each co-author will be interviewed on her book topic. I will be presenting on my chapter, Public Civility: The Case for Face-to-Face.

Everyone can use a civility boost. We can all benefit from learning the secrets of achieving significant personal and professional success through civility. Won’t you join us?

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We are excited about this great book, The Power of Civility, and we hope you will celebrate with us by joining us for our virtual book launch tele-summit.

If you want to be better every day, join us!

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