Welcome to Millar, McGrath and Associates.

For the past decade certified and trained Etiquette expert Deborah McGrath has helped clients overcome challenges ranging from social anxiety to shyness. By offering  a new form of intelligence: Etiquette and Protocol intelligence, Deborah has helped adults, teens and children face fears – and win, feel more confident and comfortable, and move with ease and grace through a myriad of academic, business and social arenas.

It all begins with trust.

First we establish your trust then we provide you the tools and knowledge to build trust with others.

Portable tools and current and correct knowledge, help you navigate any academic, business or social arena with poise and power.

Create a presence; polish your current skills; learn new ones.

It’s all possible with the right training, and the right fit.

Millar, McGrath and Associates is pleased to offer customized training solutions in four core areas:

  1. Social Etiquette
  2. Business Protocol – Domestic and Global
  3. Dining Skills – from Fun to Formal
  4. Social Engagement Skills – Networking, Team-Building, Savvy Advice for Seasonal Socials

What does this mean for you?

In public you never escape scrutiny. You can’t afford to get caught on details that prevent you from appearing prepared, poised and polished.

In any academic, business or social arena you have less than 5 seconds to form a positive first impression.

How do we work?

Through our focused, detailed approach Millar, McGrath and Associates will:

  • Engage
  • Assess
  • Explore
  • Advise
  • Enhance
  • Adjust
  • Expand

In our first meeting, we will engage you in a dialogue that benefits us both. In subsequent meetings, we will assess existing skills, explore opportunities for enhancement and advise of steps required for change. We continue our training and support by booking “protocol check-up” appointments at which time we may adjust existing skills or continue to expand your knowledge with new and exciting etiquette and protocol tools.

Thank you for visiting this site.

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Your success means the world to us!

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